Wine Regions And Wine Districts

Wine region and wine district: what's the difference?

The wine district is what is usually indicated on the wine bottle and is the perfect delimitation of the wine's place of origin for consumers. Hungary's wine culture is characterised by diversity, originality and uniqueness. There are 22 wine districts with different climatic, topographical, soil and historical characteristics to be discovered within 6 wine regions.

The Tokaj wine district has such special historical traditions and natural endowments that it is an independent wine region in its own right. The largest wine region is the Danube wine region, located between the Danube and the Tisza rivers. The wine districts around the "Hungarian Sea" comprise the Balaton wine region. The wine districts in the Northern Central Mountains form the Upper Hungary wine region. Travelling from Sopron to Budapest, you pass through the Upper Pannon wine region, while the southernmost wine districts in Transdanubia make up the Pannon wine region.