White Grape Varieties, White Wine Styles

There are currently 114 white grape varieties authorised or temporary authorised in Hungary, ranging from Aletta to Zöldveltelini. Proportionately, white grapes make up 70% of Hungary's vineyard area, that is 45,589 hectares. There are many unique, local varieties that are not grown anywhere else in the world. The varietal mix has undergone many changes, with resistant varieties gaining ground, while Cserszegi Fűszeres, Furmint and Olaszrizling are the most widely planted traditional white varieties. White varieties can be grouped in several ways. For example, distinction can be made between international and autochthonous, local varieties based on their parentage and origin. Wines made from white grapes can also be grouped organoleptically into neutral and aromatic categories with some overlap. Incidentally, the latter style is one of Hungary's strengths, as it boasts many special varieties.